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Technical excelence

We aim to build high quality, forward- looking office properties that provide ideal working environments for the long terms.

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Suspended ceiling with integrated lighting

Allow to hide all the cabling and lets you easily design lighting in your space.

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4 Pipe fan coil hvac system

The best quality air condition system that controls temperature in a office.

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Fire protection systems

Best health and safety system helps your employees to stay safe in work environment.

Saski Crescent Icon Heigh Ceilling

Clear height of 2,70 m

High cailings in an office makes your space feel bigger and more friendly towards your employees.

Saski Crescent Icon Window Grid

Window grid 1,20 m

Wide windows with amazing view makes your office space brighter and more efficient.

Saski Crescent Icon Loading Capacity 400 to 500 kg/sqm

Loading capacity from 400 to 500 kg/sqm

Allowes you to arange your space in a way that you want to, even with heavy objects.

Saski Crescent Icon Raised Floor with carperting and floor boxes

Raised floor with carpeting and floor boxes

Easy way to hide and install cabling on a whole floor or an office with easy access to it.

Saski Crescent Icon Two Elevators

5 elevators

Effecient way to comute even in a rush hours.


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Fit-out within Budget

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