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Urban Benchmarks since 1987

Many factors make the critical difference in the quality of workplaces and company sites. That’s why CA Immo provides office environments that underpin your company’s aspirations to leadership. As a specialist in office properties in the big cities of Europe, we set the standard.

Property assets
3.5 € BN

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CA Immo

Specialist in office properties in Central European capitals

CA Immo is a real estate company with its headquarters in Vienna and branch offices in six countries of Central Europe. Its core business involves leasing, managing and developing high-quality office buildings. The company covers the entire value chain in the field of commercial real estate, based on a high degree of in-house construction expertise. Founded in 1987, CA Immo controls property assets of around € 3.5 bn in Germany (44%), Austria (19%) and Eastern Europe (37%).

Our company in figures

Alongside high quality investment properties, the company has sites under development in prime locations of Central Europe – a balanced blend to facilitate stable earnings, continually rising value and organic expansion.


2,2m sqm

Highly qualified employees
in the core markets.

Occupancy rate


Satisfied tenants stay
put: long-term occupants
contribute to a positive
utilisation rate.



People working in CA Immo
office buildings. 90% of tenants
say they would rent the same
property again.

Net income

71€ m

Long-term profitability
and value creation for
our shareholders.

Employees at 8 sites


Highly qualified employees
in the core markets.



All of the CA Immo Group’s
development projects meet
stringent sustainability criteria.

Corporate Values

Our objective is for satisfied businesses to shape and manage their working environments in partnership with CA Immo. We oversee a portfolio unsurpassed in Central Europe and offer sustained returns to investors and shareholders in our company. We are known on the market as a highly dependable and active partner to companies seeking premises, equity and outside capital providers, our own employees, local authorities and the general public.

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We aim to build high quality,
forward-looking office properties that
provide ideal working environments
for the long term – and we set benchmarks
for others to follow.

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Joined-up thinking means planning
customer relations and value
creation for the long haul.

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Our partners have placed their
trustin us for more than 25 years.
Day by day,we consider ourselves
duty bound to repay that trust.

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We understand our business
and mainttain a local presence
on our markets to our
local branch offices.